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Here you will find the complete progress of the Sandi Lee.
The Sandi Lee is a pontoon houseboat 48 ft long and 14 ft wide.
Started June 4th 1999, she was constructed by Sandi and Lee Freeman.


 West Marine has featured the Sandi Lee in their web magazine!

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Sandi Lee Coming Into Port

Building the Sandi Lee
Phase One
We build the hull parts

We start by building the 48 foot pontoons pieces and building form. We decided to build the hull pieces in the garage and then assemble them on the building form outside.

 We make the first pieces - June 1999
More pontoon parts - July 1999
More pontoon parts - July 1999
Ah! More pontoon parts - August 1999
The Building Form - August 1999
 Phase Two
We put the hull together
We put the pontoon pieces together and cover the pontoons with plywood and fiberglass.


Putting it together - October 1999
Framing the Hull - December 1999
Install the planking - December 1999
Install the tunnel planking - January 2000
Covering with fiberglass - February 2000
We complete the hull - March 2000


Phase Three
We build the cabin parts
Leaving the hull inverted for now, we decided to build the house, or cabin sides in the garage. They will be built in 8ft sections. Also we will build the front and rear walls along with the roof beams. When we turn the hull over we will put the sides on fully windowed and painted. We have engineered them so they will (sort of) snap together. At least that is the plan anyway.
 We start the cabin sides - May 2000
We finish the cabin sides - Sept. 2000
We made a hull modification Nov 2000
We turn the hull Dec 2000


Phase Four
We build the main Deck
With the hull now turned we will build the main cabin. Since we have already built the sides in the garage we will put it all together now. Then we will haul the Sandi Lee to the marina for the completion of the pilot house and second deck. At least that was the plan anyway.


 We start the main cabin - Jan. 2001
We start framing the cabin - Jan 2001
We work more on the cabin - Feb 2001
More on the cabin - April - June 2001
We start the inside July - August 2001
More inside cabin work - Jan 2002
More interior work - March - April 2002
Wow - More interior work - May - July 2002
Final Land Pictures - Dec 2003

On The Water!

Other Interests

Pontoon Boats

Since the start of this project we have met some really interesting people that have also built the Glen-L Mark Twain. You will enjoy all these.

Other Mark Twain Projects
Never say you can not build a boat
Suggestions from others friends

 Tribute to Momma

 Tribute to Momma

The Sandi Lee will look like a Mississippi River Boat (we hope). Level one will be the house part complete with a queen bed and one and a half baths. The second level will have a pilot house for the captain and an open covered area complete with barbecue. That's the plan anyway....

We are often asked where we got the boat plans. The house portion we designed ourselves. Construction methods are based on plans we purchased from Glen-L Marine. The pontoons will be built per their 40 ft. Mark Twain plans, except for adding 8ft. to the length. They are really neat people and have an interesting web site at http// If you are interested in building a boat, check out their On Line Boat Catalog.


The Sandi Lee is our families second boat. The first was also a Glenn-L design (Gypsy). Our family built the Fair Havens in the 1980 time frame.

Get ready to say "Ah", and read the letter sent to Glenn-L

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Our First Book!
We have just finished our first Book about the building and cruising of the Fair Havens. The Fair Havens was the predecessor of the Sandi Lee.  If you have enjoyed this site you will love this book!   

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