We finish the cabin sides and
start the roof beams.
We had a short delay on the Sandi Lee progress due to work related stuff, but we have been working on the cabin sides. As of October 1st all the sides are complete, and we have started on the roof beams.

Our son Todd and his family came to visit in July. During that time our daughter Teresa and her husband Sel came over from Tampa and we framed in most of the cabin sides. Here is Todd and me framing another side. (This is our best side......)

As Todd and I worked on putting the sides together, Sel was busy cutting more wall studs.

Sandi puts another coat of paint on the cabin sides. Notice the unpainted sides behind this one.

 Here is the LAST cabin side....


 One picture is worth a thousand words...

This is the roof "I" beams. We made them just like commercial "I" beams except instead of being straight, the have a curved top so to shed water. The "I" beams are stronger and much lighter than solid lumber. (Thanks Mr. Snider for the idea)


This shows how light the roof beams are. This one is 16 ft. long and has the structural strength greater than a 2 X 12 X 16 wood beam. (Try getting Sandi to lift that....) The bottom portion will be cut off, ant the top will extend over the cabin walls giving a small overhang.

This is Todd and his family after a busy day of boatbuilding.


The supervisors....


Thanks Todd, Robin, Allison, Sel, Teresa, Ashley, Toby the security dog and his side kick Cody for all your help.