We keep building the cabin
February 2001

Adding the bow and stern cabin porch made the Sandi Lee look more massive.

The Florida weather turned bitter cold. Down to 40 degrees.... So I had to dress warmly. You can call me "Bubba"....

   We frame the bow porch

Here is our daughter from Nebraska on the new bow porch.

Our daughter and her husband on the bow porch.


Here is the bow ready to cover.
We enclose the cabin, and install the sliding door.
 We frame the stern porch.
 We build the stern porch and enclose the cabin.
Here is the cabin roof, or as the say in the Navy, the "01 level"... The wheelhouse and covered patio area will go here. 
 Here is the studding for the bathroom. (Head for all you Navy people)
Inside the cabin looking forward.

Our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter were the first visitors to sit on the bow porch... Say "Hi Ya'll..."