Wow More Interior Work!
August - December 2002
We are still here and still working!!!

It has been a long time since new pictures have been posted. But we have been working very hard, as you will see. We have finished most of the AC wiring, most of the DC wiring, and the water system. We built the remaining cabinet doors, the helm, and finished up a lot of loose ends.

  Here is the electrical transfer switch box that will transfer electrical power from shore to the generator. Below the box is the shut off valve for the water. It stops the pump from pumping water out the shore inlet when we leave port.

  The electrical box is looking good. Most of the power is complete. The yellow wire in front is only temporary.

  Here is the water pump connected to an 80 gal fresh water tank. All this is under the bed.

  The water tank is installed with fresh water inlet, drain, and vents. To show the size, this is a queen bed.
We finished Sandi's pantry. Notice the under cabinet halogen lights. The photo is not crooked, we are in rough seas.....
  This is the helm. The Sandi Lee is now headed 070 degrees. Inside the cabinet is the DC wiring and a converter that converts AC to DC when the power is on. Wheel and more dials are yet to come. I have already sailed many miles in my mind!!! The chart table will go next to the helm on the right.



This is the master bedroom (stateroom) walk in closet. Also we finished building all the cabinet doors. You can see the over the bed cabinets here with the DC lights installed. Globe not installed yet...

Here is Sandi's sink and vanity all finished with doors that we built. The boat has about 30 cabinet doors and that was a job to build and install. The half bath, (mine) is also complete, but it is smaller!

The kitchen, or galley is now complete. There is hot and cold water and a special filtered water faucet. The dishwasher is all connected and ready to go to work. Told ya we have been busy!!!!
  Another view of the kitchen. Also notice the top left cabinets are completed.

 Here is Sandi's slide out tray compartment.

 OK we are ready for cooking!!!

Currently we are working on this storage area under the stairs. It will be drawers and shelving for pots and pans.