We keep building the inside of the cabin.
January 2002
Well....... Despite what you may think, we have been VERY busy working on the Sandi Lee. We have insulated the entire boat, run all the water lines, run the electrical conduit, and put in a lot of things you will see here.

We had to change the sanitation system we had planned to use. We found out it was now outlawed in Florida. So we went with the holding tanks and RV toilets. Since these use the drop method we had to install two 70 gal. holding tanks under the bathroom (head) floor. Then we had to plumb for fill, vents and clean out.

Next came the conduit for the electrical wiring. Here is a look into one pontoon where you can see the water (white) and the electrical conduit (gray).

 After the electrical conduit, sewage and water was complete, we insulated the walls and started putting up the interior paneling. Here our son Todd puts a section of paneling on. Chair molding will cover the transition from plain to grooved paneling. We hung the bathroom doors. (See Below...)
Here is one of the Air Conditioner junction ducts we made. This will go on top of the air handler. You know... It does feel cooler...
 Sandi, it says here to coat both parts with glue and when you put them together you can not move them.... They are so right!!!!

Here is Sandi putting down the glue for the kitchen cabinet Formica top. Look around and you can see the paneling and wiring.

Presto!!!! The kitchen counter top is done!!! Yeah right... We thought we could do this job on a Saturday morning... It took all day! She is really smiling because it is finally done!!!


Here is the kitchen cabinet with the sink installed.


 We add the end cabinet and the faucets.

Next came the bathroom vanities. Here is my bathroom's plain and "little bitty" vanity!

Here is Sandi's bathrooms roomy vanity!!!!!

How do I do these things...

We used pre-hung doors for the bathrooms. They come assembled with the door and frames already in place. The door frames separate to install and you put the inside frame in a slot in the outer door frame. We wanted to see how the bathroom doors looked, so we took them apart and clamped them into place. I stored the inside door trim out of the way so they wouldn't get broken. Now it was time to put them in, so we mounted the outside frame and door. But, when I tried to get the inside frame to slide into the slot on the other frame, it wouldn't fit. I thought it was swollen because of moisture in the air. We worked a long time trying to get the frame in the slot. Finally I told Sandi to stand back and I put a wood block on the frame and tried to force it in.... Well, this broke the slot wide open. So while I chiseled and sanded the old door stop away, Sandi went to the store to get replacement parts. We fixed the door stop and all was well. Then we went to the next door, hoping it would not have the same problem. The frame slid right in... And a little loose.. It was then I realized it... We had reversed the door frames!!!!!