Wow More Interior Work!
May - July 2002
Will it ever end???

  This funny looking thing is not from outer space, or my car engine! It is the main air conditioner junction box that Sandi and I built. It goes on the top of the air handler seen behind in the utility closet.

  Well you might think that Sandi has let me become a slacker.. Well we are still at it!! Here is the utility closet with the doors and trim completed.

   Here is the closet opened and the air conditioner all installed. Next to it on the left is where the over-under washer and dryer will go.

   Looking at the stairs on the left side is Sandi's pantry. Not seen, but to the right is the electrical closet where all the wires converge to the fuse box.
   Here is the main electrical box to the right of Sandi's pantry.
   Here is the pantry all finished, and the doors installed on the electrical closet. Looks 'kinda' nice huh?



Remember the stairway to heaven? Well Sandi and I didn't like it! So we took a saw and cut the sides off... What a job that was!!! We framed in the sides and started building the railings. Looks a lot better don't you think? From this view you can see Sandi's pantry off to the left. Oh... The stairs make a cool place to set stuff too!!!