We keep building the cabin
March - April 2001
We keep building the cabin. Fiberglassing the roof and installing windows and doors. We started some inside work, but most of the work is finishing up loose ends outside.

 Our son Daniel and his family standing on the deck of the Sandi Lee.

We install the front and rear plywood and fiberglassed it.

  We located this generator for the Sandi Lee. It is a 12.5 KW and it solves most of the electrical problems. It has a Ford 4 cylinder engine!

We installed the trim boards on the stern and bow.

Our daughter's husband and his brother on the bow porch. "I am King of the World"..... "Hey, is that the Ice Cream Truck out there?"

Our daughter and family. You can see the windows now installed. A rope trim will go around the window frame.
Our son Todd and his family came to visit. Allison is pleased with our progress.
 Here we build the motor wells on the stern, so water will flow out.

Here you can see the motor well and the hatch covers. Also we built the center pontoon hatch cover to cover where the generator will go.