We keep building the cabin
May - August 2001
We have been so busy as you will see. All our friends have been asking about the latest pictures. Here they are.....

We had to have some way to paint the sides, so we built this professional looking roll around thing a ma bob. It worked out great. You should have seem me painting with a beach umbrella tied to the side to keep the sun off me!!!

We built an extension to the bow porch roof and installed the soffets. This extended the roof past the deck so rain didn't pour on it.
Here you can see the aluminum soffets really good. Also we installed the running lights and some trim.

She looks good huh????

The front primed and ready for final paint.

This picture is looking down into the center pontoon at the hot water tank and plumbing.

Here you can see where the main bathroom (head) vanity will be. You can see the small bathroom vanity framed up on the other side of the wall.


To the left of the picture is the pantry, washer dryer closet, and the air conditioner closet.


Looking toward to the bow, we have most of the decking in place. It still looks like a mine field though.


 It is official. The name is the Sandi Lee.... This is on the stern porch.


 Looking at the stern.
  Looking down the side you can see some of the riverboat look of the Sandi Lee.