More Interior Work

March - April 2002

We have framed the cabinets. We built them from scratch. They turned out very light and strong.

Both sides of the cabin is lined with overhead cabinets. We have doors ready to paint now.


Stairway to heaven! Staircase to upper deck.


You can really see some of the riverboat character coming out here. This is an example of the cabin walls. (We still have to paint the door!)


This is a picture of part of the master bedroom. The queen size bed, corner cabinets and walk in closet can be seen. The bed top lifts up for storage underneath.


Here is the bed elevated with the storage underneath. It lifts up really easy.


The microwave cabinet was a engineer as you go, but we think it came out OK.


Sandi's spice rack can be seen over the range hood. We vented the hood to the outside.