Mark Parham
Satsuma, FL

We visited Mark before starting the Sandi Lee. He lives on the beautiful St. Johns River where he kept his Mark Twain boat. He turned the hull over using a telephone pole and series of pulleys hooked to a lawn tractor which his wife drove. (Oh Boy) The radar and anchor used on this boat will be on the Sandi Lee.


 Wendell Snider
Hastings, MN
Mr Snider is a very interesting man indeed. He built his Mark Twain, christened Driftwood right on the Mississippi River! His maiden voyage was over 1000 miles! Here is what he says about it. "On my first trip we, Driftwood and I, traveled in 13 states on 12 different rivers, made 222 lockages and traveled 7000 miles. The last lockage of the trip here at Hastings on the Mississippi river was at dusk. As we headed west a couple of miles upstream from the lock to go to my mooring there was a beautiful red glowing sunset. It is the last picture in the album of that trip." Mr. Snider is really interesting, and I can't thank him enough for the construction pictures and help he has been to Sandi and I. If you like adventure stories, he has plenty about his Driftwood.

Mark Spooner
South African

This 32ft. Mark Twain was built for hot weather. Mark said he was suprised how strong the hull was.

owner and builders:
STEPHANE POULIOT Chibougamau,Québec
This is the most novel idea I have ever seen!!!
The pictures say it all.