We start the cabin sides
May 2000

   We started by driving stakes in the ground and roping off the exact size of each room in the Sandi Lee. This gave us a feel for the real size of floor plan. Here Sandi is cooking up some goodies where the kitchen will be. I'm trying out the queen size bed!


This is the planning stage of the cabin side.

Here is the cabin side ready for finishing. The panel is framed with 2x2 studs, 16in on center per the plans The plywood is covered with fiberglass cloth. Notice the left panel edge. The next panel will fit under this edge in our snap together plan. This will hide where the sides connect.

The first completed cabin panel. The bottom trim will be fiberglassed into the hull, so we left in unpainted. Only 7 more to go!!! Doesn't it look Riverboaty?