We install the pontoon sides
December 1999


We installed the inside hull plywood first. This is the two big guys... I am the short big guy!


 Looking good!!!


 This is my son-in-law walking the deck beams.

 Sandi installs one of the many butt blocks. This is where the sheets of plywood will join.


 We complete the inside and most of the outside hull planking.


 The Sandi Lee is starting to look like a boat!!!


 Bow surfaces sanded and ready for cover.

Leave it to us....

We needed a piece of plywood and it was under a stack of cut plywood sides. So Sandi said she would hold the plywood if I would lean it against her. I started leaning the sheet against her and suddenly I heard her say "it's falling!" When I looked up I saw the bottoms of two shoes and plywood falling backwards. It didn't hurt her, but......

I still can't figure out how we did that........