More Pontoon Building

Here are the pontoon bulkheads stacked ready for use. The pots on the top will be the top of our smoke stacks.



I went to ACE Hardware and asked for a carpenters apron. The clerk showed me this apron sealed in a package. I asked about the size and she told me that this apron would fit me because....

one size fits all.......

We built the pontoon building form. This will hold the pontoons while we build the pieces. The pontoons will be 48 ft. long.

We started fitting the pontoon bulkheads.
  Sandi fits a part to the pontoon.
  This is the transom. It is upside down. The cutout is where the outboard engine will mount.
  We fitted the pieces to mount on the transom.
  Sandi starts designing the interior. She has a scale floor plan and she made scale furniture out of construction paper.