We finish the hull planking
Start to fiberglass February 2000


This is a really pretty sight. The last of the hull planking. You can really see the bend in the bow here.



The next step is to fill all the screw holes with putty.


We lay out the fiberglass cloth.

Sandi staples the cloth to hold it in place, and then rolls the epoxy on. I followed with a squeegee and pressed the cloth to the plywood working out all the air bubbles and wrinkles.



This is our daughter Teresa and her husband Bryan who visited us from Nebraska. Here they are under the tarp we use to keep everything dry. You can see the PVC pipe that holds everything up.

How did they do that!

We took this picture just before they left. It was an unusually cold day here in Orlando and there was frost on the ground. Sandi and I were dressed in night clothes, light jacket and shoes (no socks or such). When they left we hurried to the house to get out of the cold and found that they had mistakenly locked the door!!! We were forced to walk the neighborhood in our night clothes until we found somebody who would let us use there phone and call a locksmith.