We finish the hull
March 2000


This is the "skeg". It protects the bottom from anything we might run over, when "Sandi" is driving! It runs the length of the boat, and is bolted, then fiberglassed to the bottom.


    Another picture of the skeg.


Fiberglass finished... And ready to paint!

Sandi paints a coat of primer on the sides.

 The hull completed and primed!


 The end of phase two. Looks like a boat to me!!!!!

 How do I do these things?

When we started to paint the hull I remembered that I had a Wagner Power Painter with a roller attachment. So I outfitted Sandi with the old manual roller and paint pan, and I got the Super Power Painter ready to do some serious painting. I turned the unit on, and pressed the paint button. This was supposed to start paint flowing to the roller, but it didn't start. But I found out that I could turn the unit off and on with the main switch. So I started to paint. Soon I noticed that the paint wasn't coming out anymore. When I looked down, the hose had come off the paint pump and paint was shooting all over the deck and my shoes! I tried to stop it, and the carrying strap fell into the paint. Now I had a real mess. I picked the whole thing up, poured the paint back into the bucket, and threw it away.