We make a detour in our original plans....
November, 2000
Well, here is the story. The Sandi Lee has grown from the original conception. All our calculations indicated that the weight of the additional modifications would not be a significant factor. BUT.... We couldn't convince ourselves that the Sandi Lee would ride high and dry as we wanted. So we decided to add another pontoon. This meant cutting the already fiberglassed hull.... Ahhhhhhh............. How scary.... Now we have a "Tripoon"!!!

This was the hull before we started to add a new pontoon.

With tears in our eyes we start to cut the hull.

   Sandi told me wide ties went out in the seventies. This is the hull cut and ready for the pontoon parts.

We had already constructed the pieces for the pontoon so putting them in place went like clockwork.

  Another view of the third pontoon.

All the frames in place ready for the plywood covering.

Looks cool... Huh...

We put the plywood on the sides.


Sandi gluing the pontoon for the plywood sheets.


We fiberglass the pontoon.


 All Done....

A man and his sander....

After a hard day there is nothing like spending a few quiet hours sanding.