Putting the pieces together

After a vacation to Wyoming and the delays of two hurricanes, we are back at it again.... Sandi has already gotten glue in her hair and I have glued my tee shirt to my stomach! How do we do those things.... You can now begin to see the outline of the pontoons. Were are excited!


The first three bulkheads are installed. (Only about 8 more to go!) The hull is upside down for now.

Looking from the stern. The green lumber is the building form. The Sandi Lee hull is sitting on the top of the building form.

A close up of the stem and the first bulkhead. The top piece of lumber will be doubled to make the 2X4 keel.
  You can see the bulkhead support pieces and the attachments bolts. The bulkheads are glued, screwed and bolted to the frame cross sections.